About Us

Company Overview

We are a team of passion-driven young professionals with great expertise in steel structural engineering solutions. Our solutions are quality-ensured, promising, durable and everything you would want for your structure.

● We employ our intellect and efficiency in all the designs, to bring the generous upshots.

● Be it a residential or a commercial project, we guarantee to turn it beneficial for the prospect.

● We do build decades of strong bonds with the proper value estimation and efficiency.

● We contour your construction into the best one.

● The usage of sophisticated technology ensures double accuracy for you.

Our Mission.

Our mission is to empower the client with the most efficient designs and drawings in the promised period frame at the most reasonable prices. Our expert professional team makes the maximum use of software’s and hardware available to maintain consistency and accuracy. Our mission also includes a determination to evolve as a trustworthy and reliable source for assorted steel-related services.

Our Vision.

Our vision is to place ourselves on the list of most trusted and dependable sources for steel designing and related services. A service entrusted with state-of-art software, continuous refinement, and adaptability. We strive to reflect our passion & aspiration in every work we do while resuming to create a perfect structural domain where everything is delivered on time.

We at Amsiman

We help in shaping the future by transforming businesses into tomorrow’s wealth and creating the infrastructure that will make life comfortable for generations to come through intelligent and efficient engineering solutions.


We understand how important it is to keep the details of a project confidential. We ensure you a service with no details related to neither the client nor the project is revealed to the third party. Only a very few authorised personnel have access to this information. You can trust us with this.


Quality, honesty, value and trust are the core values on which our organisation is founded. Apart from glueing to the timelines and giving the best output, we focus on building a decent client and organisation bond which can enable both the companies to grow in terms of knowledge, expertise, and experience.

Who Are We & What Do We Offer?

We are the best steel detailing service providers who deliver the most reliable structural steel designs, shop drawings, assorted steel detailed drawings, and frame plans using the newest Tekla software solution for both residential and commercial purposes. The development of drawings for a steel fabricator is what structural steel detailing services are all about and that is our passion. We as a team will understand the responsibility first, then proceed to solutions. Structural Engineering professionals who are qualified to perform structural steel detailing services projects of any size and scope are employed here, to work for you. Regardless of how big, small, complicated, or simple your project is, you can be confident that your structural steel detailing services drawings will be done accurately and will be shared on time.

Our quality assurance system ensures integrity and solves any errors, missing information, or modifications to the original design drawings. To tackle the requirements of structural steel detailing services, a thorough understanding of 3D modelling is required, in which we are experts. Our resources and skills make us an excellent match for all your projects.

Our approach is always client-centric & services are loyal.

Comprehensive & Adaptable Execution

We set out our milestones in understanding the client’s requirements and executing it promptly where it turns out beneficial for the client

Perfection & Precision Assured

We plan everything flawlessly and operate every software until we get the accuracy our client is satisfied with.

Ideal Outcomes Delivered

Every project we take up is precious to us and we employ the same precision in detailing it, ensuring the best outcome at the most reasonable prices

No matter how large, small, complex, or simple your project is. You can rest assured your structural steel detailing services drawings, with the highest accuracy and completed in a timely manner. Our team of structural steel detailing services experts are experienced on all types of structural steel detailing services projects.

Our resources and expertise make us a perfect match for your shops projects.
Any job we take up is always client-centric, we value your satisfaction, more than ours.

Standards & Softwares

Know Us Before You Team With Us:

We are a team of highly sophisticated and certified detailers promising the highest standards of detailing by employing the cutting edge software technology available in the market( Tekla). Our proactive and on-time delivery makes us the most reliable steel detailers of all time. We believe in quality, honesty , efficiency, and always have a customer-centric approach.